• Create Vibrant Relationships

    Alexandra creates a total revolution in your relationships. Be prepared for a newly awakened zest and passion for life!

  • Develop Stronger Bonds

    This will not be another boring “snooze fest” seminar, where you sit and listen to a lecturer drone on for hours.

  • Discover Your Ideal Partner

    This event’s geared to be the catalyst that destroys all of your fears and limitations so you can live your most fulfilled life with unlimited potential.


  • Explore coaching strategies to help you clarify your beliefs, values and ideals about relationships

    Learn through coaching techniques about different type of relationships and connections you might have, as well as shed light on attitudes and behaviors towards partners. By the end of the day you will • Have confidence dating • Make a killer first impression • Use body language to build romance • Decode the hidden emotions of your date • Learn how to make the right moves, at the right time • Build a lasting connection • Have a deep understating of the psychology behind attraction and relationships • Gain confidence and the tools to help build it

  • Learn about the core concepts of Transactional Analysis and how we communicate when we meet someone

    Transactional Analysis has been popularized in a number of classic books, such as ‘I’m OK, You’re OK’ and ‘Games People Play’. On the day we talk about the core concepts of Transactional Analysis and how to apply them in everyday life, both to understand the behaviour of others and to develop self-understanding. By the end of the day you will • Know your true values when it comes to dating and relationships so you know what to look for • Clarify what really matters to you in a partner so you can attract the partner you really want • Understand yourself better in order to create healthier relationships • Examine unhelpful patterns in relationships so you can learn how to break them • Identify your fears and struggles in dating so they no longer hold you back

  • Create marketing strategy for personal promotion in order to find Mr Right

    This is where you will take control of your destiny and explore nine strategies to find your Mr Right. By the end of the day you will • Have a clear picture of who is the right person for you • Know where to find him / her • Gain knowledge and skills to help communicate more effectively • Acquire information on how past relationships can influence the present day • Find out more about what you want in relationships and how you can receive it • Set goals for healthier and more satisfying relationships


  • Me and my two girlfriends decided to take this experience for fun. I didn't expect anything more than fun filled time. But how wrong was I?? I can’t talk for my friends, but I know what I went through was life changing in every way. Thanks to Alexandra I now have clear understand of who I want, why I want that person and how (and where) to find them. Thank you!!!
  • If you want to get some perspective on yourself and your needs it's always better to get an objective viewpoint and one which comes with a solid grounding and personal experiences! Alexandra friendly approach will put you at ease and enable to you put a focus on your wants and how to go about it! Highly recommend!


  • Where

    Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London Hotel - 200 Westminster Bridge Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7UT

  • When

    Sunday, 23rd June 2019 - 10:00 am – 16:00 pm

  • Price £119

    All participants attending the event must register! The event doors open at 9.15am.

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