Three reasons why you are still single

Single and not sure what you are doing wrong?

Women from every walk of life are having issues mainly arising from these three reasons.

Reason One

You always end up with the same loser of a man that is not good for you.

Being constantly attracted to the wrong person means you are not taking responsibility for your actions.

Oh but I hear you, you just can’t go against lust, or maybe men are quite sneaky in their way, etc. Perhaps you should ask yourself what is the reason for your inauthenticity with men in your life? Have you seen this kind of behaviour when you were young? Why do you think you don’t deserve someone to love you fully and wholeheartedly? Create the question, and use the seven whys’ exercise, to find out why. Once you become aware, it will be easier to catch those type of relationships early on, and therefore open yourself to true love fully.

Reason Two

Saying you are actively looking, but there are no good single men in this world, or you can’t possibly find anyone, even though you’ve tried so much i.e. you’ve met so many men but not one is the right one for you.

This attitude totally disempowers you. What you are doing is looking for someone but you have no idea who that is. It’s like playing lotto. You think any money you win would be great. But would it? You win a £1 and you are happy? Because that’s what usually happens. Women settle for the first person willing to love them. And they never ask themselves what they truly want, who they are, what values they have, and consequently, what kind of partner they want in life. Once you do that, you won’t lose your precious time with people that are not in line with what you stand for.

And that’s exactly what is happening at ‘Where is my Mr Right’ Masterclass. Not only women will get to create their ideal man with the amazingly lined up exercises, learn about their values and who is their ideal man, but they have an opportunity to create personal marketing makeover in their love life.

Reason Three

Saying you have low self-esteem and therefore your social skills are not good.

Well, that doesn’t get you off the hook too. What you are doing is giving yourself an excuse to be miserable. You are not giving power to yourself; you limit your self-expression and you are not free. You know this very well.

So how can you change your situation? By sharing. Believe me that there is magic in sharing. I’ve seen it first-hand. When women share honest reasons for being single, trust magically appears and it’s really interesting to hear the same type of story repeating in everyone’s life. What’s interesting is that everyone is treating it like it’s unique to them and therefore, can’t see the solution because of that blind spot. When more women start sharing, a clear path opens.

When we understand we are not alone in our struggle, something clicks in our minds. That is why the power of sharing is so important.

Please do shake yourself out of the stupor you’ve pushed yourself in and change your perspective. And if you don’t want to do anything else, at least read what I have written on my blog. Don’t worry, I’m not sending you to buy something, although the option is there because I assure you once you decide to change your life it will be hard going back.

I promise you, I’ll show you that people are interested in what you have to say.

Your critical inner voice will cease. Which means, you won’t have the need any longer to push people away.

Until next time.

Alexandra xx

Alexandra’s background is in lecturing, coaching and communications breakthrough. She is an Emotional Intelligence Analyst and an NLP Master Practitioner. In her daily work she empowers and motivates women so they can succeed, grow and achieve extraordinary results for themselves.