When are Londoners going to take Corona Virus seriously?

Somehow it feels as if no one in London is actually worried over the virus so why should I, right?

Don’t get me wrong. I am. And people are worried too, I can see it on their faces. Examining every person that would even so much cough in their direction. But in true English spirit, everyone is just getting on with it.

My commute is from Epsom to London. I get on a packed train at Epsom to Waterloo, and then continue my journey on the packed tube to Camden Town. And nobody is wearing mask. Irresponsible? Yes!

Imagine (God forbid) we have an epidemic in London on the same scale they have it in Wuhan?

Keeping in mind that the advice would be to stay at home and not socialise, or risk exposure, tell me, what would happen to the children with cancer that have to attend hospitals for radiation treatment? Same with anyone having any other illness? What would happen to them if they are not to leave their homes?

What about the elderly who are lonely anyway, but now they’d be even more isolated from their communities? Left on their own.

What about the hundreds of thousands needing help? Imagine it. Do you think the hospitals can cope?

Yes. That’s the reason why any epidemics are scary.

Transport for London should have a free mask dispensers at each tube entrance, on the busses, boats, trams. Same with antibacterial gel dispensers.

But until that comes, please people, let’s look after London, and the vulnerable people in it. Get yourself a face mask (and wear it), use the hand gel (the virus stays alive on any surface for 2 hours!), wear gloves (any) when on the public transport. What else?

Oh, and don’t be a dick to people who cough/sneeze/perspire. Ask them if they’re okay. Offer them help. Basically #LookAfterLondon

Alexandra’s background is in lecturing, coaching and communications breakthrough. She is an Emotional Intelligence Analyst and an NLP Master Practitioner. In her daily work she empowers and motivates women so they can succeed, grow and achieve extraordinary results for themselves.