Alexandra is a Business Lecturer with a Masters degree in Enterprise gained at the South Bank University in London. 

She is also an NLP Master Practitioner, working on personal and professional breakthrough with her clients.  

With more than ten years experience of working in various higher education institutions and borough councils, she helps budding entrepreneurs understand and evaluate the entrepreneurship process.

Her sessions vary from evaluating a business idea, writing a business plan, to complete money makeover and developing techniques to become more assertive in your leadership role.

She also leads seminars on Communication and Relationships Breakthrough by helping women understand the blueprints of communication, love and dating.

Because of the high success rate of her coaching workshops (as well as numerous relationships, two actual marriages came of them), she’s now offering it as part of the ‘Where is my Mr Right’ one day breakthrough experience.

If you are interested in development, and learning about yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

Direct, active coaching will definitely help you achieve your goals. Link that with communicating in a group of highly successful people, sharing experiences and personal insights, it will get you that much closer to achieving your own success.