Business Plan Writing Workshop £149

17 August 2019, 2pm – 5pm

This session is the start of your journey to setting up your own business. 

Three hours of active participation involve: 

  • Defining feasibility of your business idea 
  • Planning organisation and management 
  • Developing a marketing plan for your business
  • Understanding the legal side of your business
  • Understanding the calculation of your costs
  • Financial projections

By the end of the session you will develop an understanding of the practical and personal challenges of launching a new business. 

If you are thinking of setting up a business, and you are not sure where to start from, this is the right session for you. 

Business Accountability Meet-Up Session – Free

29 August 2019, 3.30pm – 5pm

This session is the start of your journey to taking action through becoming accountable for your business, your life, and for the hundreds of tasks that had to be done but somehow slipped through the net. 

Each participant is expected to elaborate on their business idea and direction, and with the help and support of the other members, to set at least five tasks to do for the next meet-up. 

Collaborative, supportive and tough on procrastination.

Money Makeover – Discover Your Limiting Beliefs About Money – £99

18 August 2019, 2pm – 5pm

If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily while others are destined for lives of financial struggle then this is the right workshop for you.

In this two and a half hours intensive workshop we will identify your “money” blueprint and work on resetting it to create natural and automatic success. 

The workshop explores coaching strategies that will help learners clarify their needs, values and limiting beliefs about money and success, as well as shed light on attitudes and behaviours towards spending.